Tuesday, October 11, 2011

P Family

I had such a blast with this beautiful family.  Everyone did such a great job as I ran them all over the park, in the leaves and dirt, up and down paths and hills... but it was all worth it.  These sweet little girls, and their gorgeous momma, were so adorable in their earthy colors and cutesy boots.  I am so happy with how the family shots turned out - there were many to choose from so it's been a fun edit.
I loved getting a few shots of Uncle S with the girls.  The military camo is super cool and quite the challenge to photograph, as it does what it's supposed to - blend in!  No matter what, it was an honor for me to take some extra photos, as anyone who has served our country deserves our time, effort, and extra love!
Here are a few not-so-traditional shots.  I love being able to capture attitude and personality.

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