Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The K-G Family Mini Session

The day after Christmas I had the pleasure of photographing a special family.  This family was together for a limited time before heading off to various locations across the globe.  They were fun and candid and silly and I so enjoyed our time together.  We were blessed with a mild day, albeit super windy, so running around in Mill City in Minneapolis proved to be a lot of fun.  

We joked about one of in laws "following us around."  He was a good sport and let us take a few extra shots.

This photo session was given as a gift to the parents.  What a wonderful thing!  I cannot express the importance of capturing a whole family, together, in one shot.  Photos like these will be saved, remembered, and likely passed down to future generations.
To me, that's priceless.

Mild December

I absolutely loved that December was mild and wonderful.  Most of the month we were in the 40's, with minimal snow.  I have no problems with a "brown Christmas" or running around without jackets in the winter (makes me miss living in Virginia.)

One week before Christmas I took the kids to the neighborhood park and we played for over 2 hours.  Much like me, they are quick to take off jackets and enjoy the glorious cool air.  The sun was warm and wonderful and before too long shoes and socks came flying off too!  The wind picked up and the kids tired out, so we headed home.  It's good to run off some energy, yet feel refreshed at the same time.  I'm thankful for this particularly fun day.  I am in love with my kiddos, and am thrilled to have captured some cute candid shots of their play time.

Sweet Cupcakes

My little girlie got a little baker set for Christmas.  Within an hour of the great Christmas morning unwrap, she and I were making our first round of cupcakes.  She measured it all out with me and decorated most of them herself.  They were then devoured within minutes of being frosted.  I hope this is one of the things my daughter will remember about her childhood - baking and cooking with her mommy.

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